Global Blockchain and AI Technology
Solution and Service Provider: ChainToB

The blockchain technology together with new Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine learning algorithms with big data are considered to be the most important fundamentals for the success of the new era, namely the web 3.0 ecosystem. They will be adapted in all the industry such as i.e. finance, insurance, welfare management, government (e.g. voting), trading, supply chain management, banking, IoT and medical etc.

ChainToB aims to connect your new business ideas with sophisticated blockchain and AI technology while providing (a) best-in-class technology solutions (dApp, smart contracts etc.) as well as (b) full professional consulting in terms of reverse ICOs, strategy, marketing and successful ICOs.

About us

The blockchain and AI technologies together with their new decentralized use cases, new consensus mechanism and new secure implementations are highly demanding, and becoming more difficult to understand not only to professionals from R&D and businesses, but also to investors,entrepreneurs, and beginners. However, the combination of this new technology with tangible and sustainable use case are essential and important to ensure mass adaption in the long run. ChainToB aims to play a leading role in acting like a bridge between (a) the blockchain and AI technology, and (b) sustainable use cases for a variety of business purposes. Not only to provide a better understanding, but also to support sustainable implementation and tangible proof-of-concepts in the long-run. For these main reasons, our company name has been derived from blockchain to business, shortly ChainToB.


Solutions and Services

Our services and solutions can be derived into following three business segments:

(1) Customized R&D solutions and implementation (private and public blockchain + AI)
We develop and offer (a) technical solutions and/or platforms based on private or public blockchain technology combined with sophisticated AI algorithms depending on customer’s requirements and needs. Our main business focus comprises of the industry segments of finance, welfare management, health, gaming and trading.

(2) Providing big data on cryptocurrency market through AI methods Based on new AI mechanism
we have developed a platform that provides valuable, analyzed financial big data on cryptocurrencies which can be utilized by different targets from beginners to investors for e.g. cryptocurrency value forecast prediction depending on their needs.

(3) Consulting Services for blockchain, AI, strategy and ICO’s
Additionally, we provide top management consulting services on technologies, global business strategies and ICOs to entrepreneurs, companies, institutions, and start-ups.

Project Reference

1. Blockchain

The ChainToB platform (CB platform) consists of the web-based public blockchain network and Private blockchain for enterprise decentralized software. CB Platform is being developed in close cooperation with ANET Blockchain Inc. Public blockchain is applied as a unique structure such as mini-blockchain, account tree, and proof-chain to reduce chain size and improve blockchain transaction speed. In addition, we used reinforcement learning based algorithms for mining and monetary adjustment to maintain Economic Correlation with Private Blockchain Transaction.

Smart contract in private chain such as solidity can be used to develop decentralized software on business field. This technology is also used for building Private Blockchain server and monitoring tool, which includes few reliable servers and allows limited client access


2. Artificial Intelligence

Project: Providing AI analyzed Big Data of the cryptocurrency market for the financial industry Based on AI machine learning algorithm, we analyze and provide valuable financial Big Data of the cryptocurrency market which can be used for e.g. more accurate and less price intense cryptocurrency value forecast and prediction.


3. ICO Services

Project (2017/2018): ICO Consulting for a new global freelancer ecosystem platform based on blockchain technology.
We have successful consulted and invested into a new global freelancer ICO ecosystem that enables freelancer to offer their services to a wider clientele while eliminating high commission fees usually paid to common exiting matching platforms.


  • Min Jang
    Coopmarketing, EVP, Data scientist & AI Experts
    Hancom Interfree, CEO
    Hancom Group, VP, Business Planning & Collaboration
    Duzon Group, VP/CTO
    LGE, Princple Researcher
    Seoul National University,Researcher,Data Mning Lab.(
    Ph.D/MS/BS of CES POSTECH (Major : Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence / Data Mining)
  • Ai Shuguang
    CEO, China Biz
    Council Member of Western Returned Scholars Association (WRSA)
    Overseas Liaison Member of China Zhi Gong Party Central Committee
    CEO of Sino-Korea Huili Investment Consulting
    MS of Seoul National University, Korea
    BS of China Conservatory of Music, China
  • Jinho Cho
    Hancom Group. Director (Convergence&New Tech Business, Cloud Service)
    Polostech, Co-Founder, Enterprise Solution (Portal, Groupware)
    Hanbyul Internet, SW Senior Engineer
    Hyunyoung systems, SW Engineer
    BS of DongKuk Univ. (Major: Industrial Engineering)